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50 to 110

500 to 1100 are two possible ways.

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Q: How do you write the ratio 5 to 11 in two other ways?
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How do you write the ratio 2 to 5 in two other ways?

4 to 10 or 8 to 20.

What are two ways you can write the ratio of 4 to 7?

2 to 3.5. , 1 to 1.75

What is 2 other ways to write 5.9over 100?

Two other ways to write 5.9 over 100 are: 59 over 1000 and 0.059

How do you write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form in two ways for 8 to 16?

1::2 is the simplest form...

How do you write 429.938 km in two other ways?

42993.8m 4299380cm

How do you write 37 percent two other ways?

37%; 0.37

How do you write 0.12 in two other ways?

12% or 12/100

How do you you write 0.4 two other ways?

4/10 or 0.39999 recurring.

Write 0.2 two other ways?

1/5 and 2/10

What are two other ways to write decimals?

fractions and percents u dumbasses

How do you write the decimal 0.2 two other ways?

2/10 or 20%

How do you interprete financial ratio?

Financial ratios are used in two different ways. The first ratio is used for a company over time while the other is used against that of other companies.