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you get a calculator!

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Q: How do you write the sum two thirds of sixty minutes?
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How do you find the sum of two thirds?

The sum of two thirds is 2 divided by 3.

If the average of 6 numbers is sixty what is their sum?


What is the sum of sixteen and two-thirds plus sixteen and two-thirds?

thiry three and one third

What is the sum of negative sixty?


How do you write seven and three hundredths in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, 7 3/100 is equal to 7.03.

Rename two thirds and three fourths as fractions with 12 of the denominator then add the Renamed fractions write the sum as a mixed number?

Two thirds and three fourths can be renamed as fractions with 12 of the denominator as 8/12 and 9/12 respectively. The sum of the renamed fractions as a mixed number is 1 5/12.

What is the sum of two thirds plus two thirds?

2/3 + 2/3 = 1 1/3

What is the sum of one fourth and two thirds?


Two factors of sixty with a sum of seventeen?

12 and 5

Write forty sixty six and ninety four as the sum of two prime numbers?

29 + 11 61 + 5 89 + 5

Two thirds of the sum of -5 and -3?


What are 3 consecutive numbers when the first and thirds sum is 40?


What is sum of three eighths and two thirds?

1 1/24

How do you calculate two thirds of a sum?

Multiply it by two, then divide that by three.

What is the total sum of all the even numbers from zero to sixty?


Two dice are rolled 9 times with a total sum of sixty. What is the mean sum?

It is 60/9 = 6.66... recurring.

What is two 3rd of 1700?

the answer to the sum of two thirds of 1700 is 1133.33 R

What is the sum of thirteen and two thirds times two?

14 1/3

Write programme for sum of number given?

write a program to find the sum of squares up to 50

What is the sum of two and one half plus five thirds?

The sum of 2 1/2 and 5/3 is 4 1/6.

What is it called when you write a number as a sum?

sum= answer of an addition question.. so the number of the sum is the answer.

What is the probability of rolling the sum of two if you roll a pair of dice sixty times?

The probability of getting a sum of 2 at least once is 0.8155

What improper fraction names the sum 1 plus 2over 3?

Five thirds

What is two thirds of the sum of 4 and 8?


What is the sum of the even numbers that are greater than 10 but less than 20?