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Q: How do you write two billion and seventy one by using short scale notation?
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What is the scientific notation of 13.7 billion?

13.7 billion in scientific notation is 1.37 x 1010 in the short scale, such as used in the US, and 1.37 x 1013 in the long scale, such as used in the UK.

How to use 16900000000 in number-and-word notation?

16.9 billion, in the short scale, 16.9 thousand million, in the long scale.

How do you spell 2871000000?

Using the US "short scale" the number 2,871,000,000 is "two billion, eight hundred seventy-one million."

What is 1 billion x 1 billion?

1 billion short scale = 109 or 1 billion long scale 1012 1 billion x 1 billion = short scale 1018 1 billion x 1 billion = long scale 1024 109 = 1 billion short scale and 1 milliard long scale. 1012 = 1 trillion short scale and 1billion long scale. 1015 = 1 quadrillion short scale and 1 billiard long scale. 1018 = 1 quintillion short scale and 1 trillion long scale. 1024 = 1 quadrillion short scale and 1 septillion long scale.

Does Australia use the short scale or long scale billion?

Australia uses short scale. So one billion is

What is the value of seven followed by 16 zeros?

70000000000000000 = 70 x 1015In countries that use the long scale (based on powers of a million) such as Europe this is seventy thousand billion (or in some countries seventy billiard).In countries that use the short scale (based on power of a thousand) such as USA this is seventy quadrillion.

How many zeroes are there in 41.7 billion?

41.7 billion, in the commonly used short scale, is 41,700,000, so there are 5 zeroes in 41.7 billion in the short scale. 41.7 billion, however, in the long scale, is 41,700,000,000, so there are 8 zeroes in 41.7 billion in the long scale.

How do you spell 19673890004?

The number 19,673,890,004 is spelled nineteen billion, six hundred seventy-three million, eight hundred ninety thousand, and four. (This uses the US short scale, where 1 billion = 1000 million.)

What is the prime factorization of one billion using exponents?

1 billion {short scale} = 109 = (2*5)9 = 29 * 59 [see related link for short scale and long scale for billion]

What is the difference between a British billion and US billion?

The long and short scales are two different large-number naming systems used throughout the world. Many countries, including most in continental Europe, use the long scale whereas most English-speaking countries use the short scale. The long scale billion is 1,000,000,000,000, while the short scale billion is 1,000,000,000. one billion in the long scale is the same as one trillion in the short scale.

What is 70 billion in scientific notation?

Something that is a billion has base 109. Move one decimal place to the left and write out 1010. It is 7.0 x 1010 in th short scale, which is mostly used today.

How do you write numeral 80.3 billions?

That depends on whether you mean long scale or short scale billions. A long scale billion is equal to a short scale trillion (one million millions or 1012), whereas a short scale billion is only one thousand million (109). Using a short scale billion, 80.3 billions would be 80,300,000,000. The Romans would have probably used a shorthand, such as "LXXX•••• milliard". The •••• represents 4/12, which is 1/3. A milliard is one thousand million (a short scale billion).