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2/5 = two- fifths3/5 = three-fifths

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Q: How do you write two fifth of three fifth?
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What is bigger three sixth or two fifth?

two fifth

What is 3 to the fifth power in words?

Three to the fifth power equals two hundred forty-three.

How do you write fifty two and a fifth as decimal?


Write in words 3988.20?

Three thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and one fifth. Or... Three thousand nine hundred and eighty eight point two.

What is two and one fifth multiplied by three and three fourths?


How do you write fifty-two and a fifth as decimal?


How do you write twenty six and two fifth as a decimal?


How do you write exponents in WORD?

Example: two to the fifth power

What is nine and one fifth minus two and three fifth?

The answer is six and three fifths or 6 and 3/5 :D

What is four plus three and two fifth?

seven and two fifths

What is three fifth divided by two thirds?


Is three sixth bigger than two fifth?


What fraction is two thirds of three fifth?


What is three fifths times two?

1 and 1 fifth

What is three and one fifth minus two and three tenths?

one and one tenth

What is one and three fifths plus two and one fifth?

Three and four-fifths

How do you write three and two hundredths?

3.02 is three and two hundredths

How do you write three hundred forty two?

you write it like this 342 or three hundred and forty two

How do you write 6.2 in words?

Six point two, or six and one fifth.

How do you write two and one fifth as a decimal?

2 and 1/5 = 2.2

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

How do you write 3.72 in words?

You could write 'Three point seven two inches', or you could write 'three and seventy two hundredths inches'.

How do you write 3.2 in word form?

Three and two tenths.Three and two tenths.

How do you write write 392.3 in words?

Three hundred ninety two and three tenths.

What is the answer to two fifth plus three quarters?

1 and 3/20