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Q: How do you write words correctly?
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How do you write USD3billion correctly in words?

Three billion dollars.

Write correctly in words?

It's three hundred and

How do you write 21.79 in words correctly?

Twenty-one and seventy-nine hundredths.

Write correctly in words 305?

Three hundred five. (not three hundred andfive)

Write it correctly or write it right?

both are ok I think is 'write it correctly'.

how do you write 75000 in words correctly do you put hyphen between 'seventy' and 'five'?

75,000 = seventy-five thousand.

Should i write you are or you're Mexican which one is correct?

To write this correctly one can write it as either you are Mexican or you're Mexican. Both you are and you're are correct in this instance. You're is a contraction which is short for the words you are.

How do you write the word 'write'?

You've spelled it correctly.

What are the six traits for writing?

1. write with COURTESY (don't be blunt) 2. write CLEARLY (get rid of unnecessary words) 3. be CONCISE 4. write CONCRETELY (use specific, descriptive words) 5. write CORRECTLY (obey basic rules of grammar, syntax, etc.) 6. write COMPLETELY

How olf id Bella Thorne and zendaya cole?

what? you need to write your words more correctly cuz i haven no ide what this question is

Marcus spelled 20 out of 25 words correctly Which faction of the words did he spell correctly Which faction of the words that he spelt incorrectly Raytee equivalent fractions for each?

If Marcus spelled 20 out of 25 words correctly then he spelled 80% of the words correctly.

How do you write llb correctly?