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Q: How do you you write 3 10ths as a decimal?
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What is 3 10ths?

If you mean 3/10 then as a decimal it is 0.3

What is two and three tenths as a decimal?

2.3 2 is two wholes, which go on the left side of the decimal, and 3/10ths is .3 because the first decimal place to the right is 10ths. Hope I helped!

How is 0.3 written as a decimal?

0.3 is a already written as a decimal. It is the decimal version of 3/10ths.

What decimal is equivalent to 5.300?

5.300 is a decimal, but it is the same as the fraction 5 and 3/10ths

How do you write 3 and 7 10ths?

In Decimal form: 3.7 In fraction form: 3 7/10 In word form: three and seven tenths

What is the decimal for 30 10ths?


What is 33.3 as a decimal?

33.3 is a decimal number33 is the whole number part and .3 is the decimal fraction part equivalent to 3/10ths.

What is the 12 10ths in decimal form?


What is the decimal place value of 0.0658?


What is 2 10ths in decimal form?


What is 9 and 5 10ths as a decimal?


What is 7 10ths in decimal form?


What does 3 10 th equal?

3/10ths is .3 in decimal form. It is thirty percent of a thing. Or a little under a third of a thing.

What is a deciamls?

I THINK you mean the word decimal. It is a way of writing fractions that are in 10ths. For example, 1/10th would be 0.1 and 2/10ths would be 0.2 By adding another digit to the right of the decimal point, you can write hundredths, another digit thousandths, etc.

How do you write 2 and 3 10 as a decimal?

O.3 write as a decimal in the tenths

What is 4 and 6 10ths in decimal form?


Which is bigger 3 5ths or 7 10ths?

7 10ths.

7 percent written as a decimal?

0.007 or 7/10ths

What is 8 10ths as a decimal?

Sm S0.8

How do you write 2 10ths in a decimal?

It is 0.2It is 0.2It is 0.2It is 0.2

How do you write seven tenths and six thousands as a decimal?

The decimal places go like: 1000s 100s 10s 1s . 10ths 100ths 1000ths So 7 in the 10ths place, and 6 in the thousands place: 6000.700 If you meant 'six thousandths' instead of thousands, then put the 6 in the 1000ths place like: 0.706

How do you write 3 cents in decimal forms?

3 cents in decimal

How do you write 0.90 into fraction?


What is 9 10ths in decimal form?


How do you write 3 quarters as a decimal?

.75 It is: 3/4 = 0.75 as a decimal