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33%, as a fraction is 33/100 as a fraction and 0.33 as a decimal.

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Q: How do your convert 33 percent to a fraction and decimal?
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How do change 33 percent into a fraction and a decimal?

33%:= 0.33 in decimal= 33/100 in fraction

How do you convert 33 percent into a fraction?

33% is 1/3

What is the fraction and decimal of 33 percent?

A percentage is that number over 100. Thus the fraction of 33% is simply 33/100 As a decimal, 33/100 is 0.33.

33 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

33% = 0.33 and 33/100

What is 33 and one third percent as a fraction and decimal?

33 1/3%:= 0.3333 as a decimal= 3/9 or 1/3 as a fraction

How do you convert 33 and one third percent to a decimal?

0.3333 repeating

How do you convert 33 whole1 upon 3 percent into a fraction?

33 and 1/3% = 1/3

How much is 33 percent?

'Per cent' literally translates to 'Per Hundred', any percent can be easily turned into a fraction with the number 100 on the bottom (denominator). 33 percent is the same as 33/100, to find the decimal simply divide the top by the bottom (In this case the answer would be .33) Another simple way to convert a percent to a decimal is to move the decimal point over two places to the left (33 becomes .33, 90 becomes .90, etc)

What is 33 percent as a simplified fraction?

33 percent as a simplified fraction = 33/100 33%= 33%/100%= 33/100 in fraction

What is 33 and one half percent as a fraction?

In fraction form, the number is 67/200. The decimal number is 0.335.

How do you convert 66 percent to a proper fraction?

66% = 66/100 = 33/50

Convert 16 and half percent into a fraction?

16.5% = 165/1000 or 33/200

What is the decimal equivalent of 33 percent?

The decimal equivalent of 33 percent is: 0.33

How do you convert decimals fractions and percents?

If you have a decimal, just multiply it by 100 to get a percent. .33*100= 33% If you have a fraction, divide the numerator by the denominator, if the numerator is smaller, the number should be less than one, this is its decimal form, multiply this decimal by 100 to get its percentage. 1/4 into 0.25 then its 25%. If you have a percent, divide by 100 to get a decimal, put this decimal over 100 to turn it into a fraction and reduce it. 45%/100= .45, 45/100 = 9/20

What is thirty three and one third percent in decimal and fraction form?

As a decimal: 33.33333 As an improper fraction: 100/3 As a mixed number: 33 1/3

What is the decimal and fraction of 33.3?

The decimal is 33.3 and the fraction is 33 3/10.

What is 33 percent in a fraction?

33% = 33/100

How do you write 33 percent as a decimal?


What is 33 percent simplified?

33 percent as a fraction simplified = 33/100

How do you convert 1 over 3 to a percent?

The fraction of 1 over 3 is more usually called a third; as a percent it is approximately 33%, or more precisely, 33 and a third percent.

How do you change a percent to a fraction?

you change a percent to a fraction by converting the fraction to a decimal (:You put the percentage over the number 100, and see if you can simplify it. Often it is convenient to convert to an approximate fraction. For example, 33 1/3 percent = 1/3, but percentages that are nearby (for example, 32%, 33%, 34%) might also be quoted as "1/3" or "about 1/3".

How do you change 66 percent into a fraction?

First convert it to a decimal number: 66% = .66 Next, make a fraction by placing the decimal number over 1: .66/1 Next. remove the decimal and add as many 0's to the right side of the 1 as there are numbers on the right side of the decimal: 66/100 Next, reduce the fraction: 66/100 = 33/50

How do you change 8.25 percent into a decimal and fraction?

8.25 per cent = 0.0825 = 825/10000 = 33/40

What is the decimal number of 33 percent?

33% = 0.33

Which fraction is equivalent to 33 percent?