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The men's world record in the 400 meter dash is 43.18 seconds. The men's world record in the 400 meter hurdles is 46.78 seconds. This is a difference of 3.60 seconds. The women's world record in the 400 meter dash is 47.60 seconds. The women's world record in the 400 meter hurdles is 52.34 seconds. This is a difference of 4.74 seconds.

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Q: How does 400m dash time compare to 400m hurdles?
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Who won the gold for the 400m hurdles for gb in 1968?

Dave Hemery in the time of 48.12 seconds, at the time a world record.

How does the 300m hurdles compare to 400m hurdle i run a 43 flat for 300 and i want to firgure out wat my 400 time might be?

A 43 flat is approximately comparable to a 60 or 61 second 400 hurdle time. I ran a 39 300 and my fastest 400 time was 55. That last 100 in a 400 hurdles really really hurts.

What is a fast time for 400m hurdles for a high school girl?

I'm a sophomore and I am ranked #1 in my section, my PR is a 65.4, which is pretty good.

What is the height of a collegiate hurdle?

I don't know this for a fact but I do believe that they start at 30in. and go up by 3in. Yet, I don't know how high for what grade or division or anything so yeah. :/ I don't set up the hurdles I just jump them. XD

2000 Olympics men's 400m dash winning time?

Michael Johnson 43.84

What is the average 400m hurdle time for a 15 year old boy?

I ran the middle school hurdles age 14 in about 16-17 seconds. anything over 20 is no-no land

What is a good 400m time for u13 boy?

i am 13 and i got 57 for 400m

What is the best time for high school hurdles?

13.08 by Wayne Davis in the 110meter hurdles, and 7.60 in the 60meter hurdles, it was FAT not hand held time

Usain bolts time in the 400 meter dash?

19.19 seconds at the 2009 World Championship Games in Berlin. That time set a world record.

Usain Bolts fastest time in 400m race?

Bolt has run 45.28s for 400m.

High school girls 400m dash record?

I don't know about the record, but I run the 400m for high school track. My PR is 63 seconds, but there are other girls on my 4 x 4 team who run 56's and they broke the school record. To get anywhere near a scholarship, you have to run at least a 57 for the 400m. It sounds easy but don't under estimate it until you try to run that time.

If you run the 55 meter hurdles is your lead foot the same every time?

It should be. In 55m, 60m and 110m hurdles, the distances between the hurdles are the same.