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the answer is that the Hindu Arabic munbers work by writing numbers

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Q: How does Hindu-ararbic numerals work?
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Why were the roman numerals replaced by Arabic numeral?

Arabic numerals are simpler to work with mathematically.

What is IVI in Roman numerals?

IVI has no meaning in Roman Numerals. IV is 4 V is 5 VI is 6 IVI does not follow the rules of how Roman Numerals work.

Why do moviemakers use roman numerals?

Because most moviegoers can't work out Roman numerals and so they are unable to know in what year the movie was made.

Why movies use Roman Numerals for premiers?

Tradition and so as to disguise the year when the movie was made because most people can't work out Roman numerals.

How do you work out four and fifteen thousandths using base-ten numerals?


What is April 13 in roman numerals?

April 13 is represented as XIII IV in Roman numerals.

How do roman numerals work?

Wikipedia covers this topic extensively. I added a link below.

Do the symbols in Japanese dates work in the same manner as Roman Numerals?

No, Japanese numbers work like Arabic numbers. There is a match.

How do you work 967 in roman numerals?

It is: CMLXVII which means -100+1000+60+7 = 967

What numerals does America use?

The numerals that most Americans use are the Indian numerals or the Arabian numerals

What inspired the roman numerals?

Roman numerals were inspired by Etruscan numerals of which Roman numerals originated from.

What makes your heart work?

The blood in your lungs gives out numerals that help your heart pump to everything else.