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A LAN is a Local Area Network...First you have a computer which links to a network which links to an internet Service Provider(ISP) like DSL or Cable or something

AnswerA LAN doesn't have to be connected to the Internet. Any group of computers in the same location that are networked together is a LAN. To be networked, each computer needs to have a NIC(Network Interface Card). This could be a wireless card or one adaptable to one of a number of wiring confirgrations. The networked computers also need to have their IP addresses set within a specific range so that they can "see" each other.

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Q: How does LAN work?
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How do LAN switches work exactly?

LAN stands for Local Area Network. LAN switches work when switches are configured to limit broadcast levels. LAN switches are produced by the company Cisco.

How do you create a LAN in RPG maker vx?

You can modify the NetVX scripts pack to work with LAN.

What types of networks do the abberviation LAN and WAN stand for?

lan stands for local area net work wan stands for wide area net work

How do you make a LAN network in minecraft work?

Press escape while playing, and click the button that says "Open to Lan".

What is an LAN network?

A LAN is a Local Area Network, for example in your house or the computers that are connected at work. It is different from a WAN, or Wide Area Network, which is where a computer or a LAN is hooked up to the internet.

Can the wii lan adapter work for the xbox 360?


What determines the speed of a lan that consists of both 10 Mbps and 100Mbps?

If all devices are 10 and 100 Mbps than the LAN would work at 100 Mbps. - But if a device is working only at 10 Mbps, then the LAN would work at the slowest speed of 10 Mbps for that certain device.

How do i get minecraft lan to work in 1.10?

If you are trying to play with friends over the internet, LAN is not an option. Look for server hosting websites such as or LAN is for playing with others connected to the same router. In game, simply pause the game and press 'open to LAN' and the rest will be sorted.

What is an example of LAN?

I do not know what are the examples of LAN the one you need to know the examples of LAN is YOU!

What are the limitations of LAN?


Can i connect to lan worlds in minecraft 1.5.1 when your in totally different states?

No. The way LAN connections work is: Minecraft searches your network (what all computers in your home are connected to) for games to join. Through LAN connections you can't connect to anything outside of your network.

How can unblock your lan?

how unblock my lan

What is LAN and the use of LAN?


Can two PS3s together to create a LAN?

As the PlayStation 3 cannot generate a DHCP server, they cannot be connected directly together. However, both can be connected to a router and work as part of a LAN that way. Some games for the PlayStation 3 support LAN play.

LAN can be connected by devices called?

LAN can be connected by routers . A router can be used to connect to LAN's .a LAN to a WAN and LAN to Internet.

How do you have a LAN connection one computer to another?

by using two lan card or switch we can distribute the lan connection by using two lan card or switch we can distribute the lan connection

How is the size of a LAN determined?

The size of a LAN is set by the type of LAN configuration and specifications

What is LAN and WAN Give examples?

LAN is live active network such as ps3 lan

What has the author Chih Lan written?

Chih Lan has written: 'Lan chien chi'

How do you get the wired WiFi lan adapter to work on your wii so you can hook up your ds?

you cant

What is LAN Party in Modern Warfare 2?

a lan party is a Local Area Network(LAN) party. so you have a a party using your LAN

Wo shi lan lan in Chinese words?

Chinese: 我是兰兰 [wǒ shì lán lan] English: I am Lan-lan. Note: Lan-lan (兰兰 for instance) could be a Chinese first name, especially for a girl. In another case, Lan is a person's name or nickname, double used as a kind of endearment.

What steps do you take so each computer in the company can browse the site using one URL?

You have to create a LAN within the company and keep it VPN. This will enable no other outsider to work on the LAN.

Who developed token bus LAN technology?

Advantages of bus LAN Advantages of bus LAN

When was A-lan-nah created?

A-lan-nah was created on 1995-08-15.