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Q: How does Primary succession begins in an area composed of what?
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Succession that begins in an area that previously did not support life?

Primary Succession :)

Where are you most likely to find primary succession?

Pioneer plants are usually present in an area where primary succession begins.

When no life exists in an area what type of succession begins?

Primary succession occurs in an area with no soil or organic matter, like an area after a volcanic eruption. Secondary succession occurs where there is already soil.

What is the difference between primary an secondary sucession?

Primary succession is when development of an area that has not had a community begins. Secondary succession is when a community starts to rebuild itself after a disturbance(Like a hurricane or tornado). Hope this helps :D

What type of succession occurs in an area where an ecosystem has been disturbed?

primary succession

When a change takes place leaving no soil or organisms in an area which type of succession occurs pioneer succession primary succession adaptive succession secondary succession?

Things in nature are not black and white, and there are intermediate stages so this makes this question somewhat difficult.Succession that begins in new habitats, uninfluenced by preexisting communities is called primary succession, whereas succession that follows disruption of a preexisting community is called secondary succession.Primary succession: the development of plant and animal life in an area without topsoil; the development of biotic communities in a previously uninhabited and barren habitat with little or no soil.Pioneer succession doesn't exist as a succession term, but pioneer species do.The definition of primary succession fits as the answer to your question.

Why does primary succession take longer that secondary succession?

Soil nutrients remain in the area which enables plants to grow.

What is the first species to live in an area of primary succession?

pioneer species

What is the first species to live an area of primary succession?

pioneer species

Community growing in an area where organisms have never lived?

Primary Succession

What type of succession takes place after lava from a volcanic eruption covers an area?

the lava and ash deposited during a volcanic eruption breaks down to provide valuable nutrients for the soil

New plants growing in an area after an extensive drought are an example of primary succession?