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Sounds like you (or any siblings) are old enough to cope with this. I don't think your father is particularly choosing his girlfriend's children over you or any siblings you may have, but he is trying to win his girlfriend over and it's pretty normal. If her children are younger then it stands to reason they need more attention, but you and your siblings are more independent and can look after yourselves. If you are very hurt about this the best thing you can do is communicate this to your father. Don't get into an argument over this, but express how you feel. I am sure he'll feel bad and reassure you that he stills loves you. Try not to take it out on his new girlfriend either. Once they are together awhile and if they choose to get married, things will settle down and your father will make time for you as well (only if you tell him how you feel.) He probably thinks you are fine with everything and that you enjoy your independence. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How does a 20-year-old female cope with her father choosing his new girlfriend and her children over his own?
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