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An occupational therapist can use math in a variety of ways. They may keep track of the time a person spends in therapy, keep a balance of what is owed, or checking to see what the improvement was in a patient's range of motion.

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Q: How does a Occupational Therapist use math?
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What are some occupational jobs in California?

There are a few occupational jobs in California. Occupational Therapist is one. Another occupational job is CFDC Pediatric Occupational Therapist. There is alos Home care occupational therapist, clinical rehabilitation educator.

What is the difference between a occupational therapist and a occupational therapist assistant?

the assistant assists

How is an occupational therapist involved with rehabilitation of a patient?

Because they're an occupational therapist. And it's their job(s). o.o

What is the average pay of an occupational therapist?

The average annual salary for an occupational therapist in the United States is $86,000. The average annual salary for a physical therapist is $88,000.

How much does an occupational therapist make a year?

The annual salary for an occupational therapist depends on your location and experience. The average income for an occupational therapist is Boston, MA is $108,000 per year. The average annual salary for this career in Miami is $82,000.

What type of math skills do physical therapist need?

what types of math skills do you need to be a physical therapist you will need to use measurements says many.!

What do you need to do to prepare for being a therapist?

IT depends on what type of therapist you are referring to. There are psychotherapists, physical therapist, occupational therapist etc.

Occupational therapist assistant hourly wage?

Around how much does an Occupational Therapist make within 5 years of them just starting to work?

Can an occupational therapist use Dr before his name?

Yes: if s/he has earned a PhD, DVM, MD or JD (or a DC, some would say)...but no, Just Because Someone is an Occupational Therapist does NOT entitle them to the honorific of "Dr."

What professions require a license?

Athletic Trainer, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapy Facility Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Rehabilitation Counselor, Educational Psychologist Architect

Who gets paid more an ota occupational therapist assistant or a speech therapist?

An occupational therapist assistants top salary is an estimated $53,240. A speech therapists top salary is an estimated $107,650.

What abbreviation is Occupational Therapist?

Typically O.T.

Can you still be an occupational therapist with a GED?

NO...... no you carn't.

What is the difference between a occupational therapist and a physical therapist?

a physical therapist specializes in exercises and treatments to repair the body the occupationaly therapist helps a person with a handicap live their lives normally by use of assistive devices and splinting

Who makes more money an occupational therapist assistant or a physical therapist assistant?


What is advanced occupational therapist?

its when you as the therapist can do more courses but you need to do an extra year at uni

What is the synonym for physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist may also be called a physical therapist or occupational therapist

What is annual pay for a occupational therapist?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for an occupational therapist as of May 2008 was, $67,920.

How do you use math in physical therapy perfession?

How will math skills be applied in being a Physical Therapist Assistant

How much does an Occupational Therapist get for a month?

40,000dollars perhapes

What do occupational therapist wear on their jobs?

mainly scrubs

How much is a occupational therapist salary in Jackson ms?

An occupational therapist treats injured or disabled patients. The average salary for one in Jackson, MS is $66,656 a year.

How much does it take to become and occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists help people with illnesses or after accidents to either restore function of their bodies and improve their abilities to perform daily tasks of living. To become an occupational therapist requires a master's degree which takes an average of six years to complete. In addition, a license is required to work as an occupational therapist.

Can i use my BS psychology to work in occupational theraphy?

No, not as an occupational therapist. All States regulate the practice of occupational therapy. To obtain a license, applicants must graduate from an accredited educational program and pass a national certification examination. Those who pass the exam are awarded the title "Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR)." Specific eligibility requirements for licensure vary by State.

How much money does an occupational therapy earn?

The average salary for a typical Occupational Therapist in the US is $61,823.