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to find the stats of a certain thing for example: when you want to find a Baseball hitters avg. you divde his hits by his atbats

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Jobs that have to do with math?

There are many, but here are some:ActuaryStatisticianMath teacher/professor (obviously)EngineerScientist

Possible careers for math majors?

Statistician, Actuary, Economist, etc. A math major can take you many places in business.

What are math problems for a sports statistician?

A number of math problems could arise for a sports statistician. They are responsible for figuring things out such as annual stats for players, and teams, and if one thing is added up wrong, then the stats would not be correct.

How do you use statistician in a sentence?

The statistician compiles statistical information for the purpose of analysis. I want to be a statistician just like Dad when I grow up! Can you believe the distorted facts that alleged statistician came up with?

A ----- is skilled in the use of statistics?


What good jobs can you get just being good at math or for college degree job?

Accountant, Statistician, Economist

How does a statistician use mean median and mode?

in maths

Who was the first medical statistician?

Florence Nightingale was the first medical statistician.

What do you do if you cant find the median?

Give up on any hope of ever being a statistician. Oh, and probably also fail your math class.

How do you say statistician?

you say statistician like this: stuh-tis-tuh-(SHINN)

Can you give men a sentence with the word statistician in it?

A statistician is a person who works with facts and figures.

How do you use math?

You use math in your everyday life! You use math when you are paying for something @ the store. You use math in a classroom and you can use your knowledge of math to share with others younger or older than you. That is how you can use math.

When was Robert Gentleman - statistician - born?

Robert Gentleman - statistician - was born in 1959.

When was David Hand - statistician - born?

David Hand - statistician - was born in 1950.

When was Karl Becker - statistician - born?

Karl Becker - statistician - was born in 1823.

When did Karl Becker - statistician - die?

Karl Becker - statistician - died in 1896.

When did John Brownlee - statistician - die?

John Brownlee - statistician - died in 1927.

When was John Brownlee - statistician - born?

John Brownlee - statistician - was born in 1868.

When was Edward Jones - statistician - born?

Edward Jones - statistician - was born in 1856.

When did Edward Jones - statistician - die?

Edward Jones - statistician - died in 1920.

When was Jacob Cohen - statistician - born?

Jacob Cohen - statistician - was born in 1923.

When did Jacob Cohen - statistician - die?

Jacob Cohen - statistician - died in 1998.

When was Matthew Stephens - statistician - born?

Matthew Stephens - statistician - was born in 1970.

When was Adrian Smith - statistician - born?

Adrian Smith - statistician - was born in 1946.

How does engineering use math as a job?

Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!