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In the 1800s, it was a business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts.

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Q: How does a corporation work?
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Usually a law firm will operate as a professional corporation. They may also work as a partnership.

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The difference between a corporation and a commission is in their functions. A corporation if a government entity that serves the public while a commission is an investigative body set up for a particular task.

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Your personal corporation or one you work for? In either case, it should be possible for child support payments to be diverted from payroll or proceeds for the purpose. If this is not your personal corporation, rather a company you work for, speak with the human resources director where you work for information on having child support deducted and electronically transferred to the child support agency in your area.

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What agency relationships exists in a corporation?

when an employee work in the best interest of the organisation

What is the importance of cabin crew corporation and team work?

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Can a president of a corporation be covered under workers compensation?

If the injury is at work then yes.

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If a corporation buys the rights to a published work does that mean the work never becomes public domain?

No. If a corporation buys the rights to the work, it just means that the ownership interests have been transferred. The work still has the same duration (which, if it was created after 1976, is the life of the author plus 70 years), and it will go into the public domain at that time.