How does a dimple form?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: How does a dimple form?
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You have done dimple piercing but there is no dimple?

Dimple piercings don't magically create dimples. People only get dimple-like scars after removing cheek piercings. Keep in mind that they are scars and that they may not form dimples, they can be unpredictable. They might even heal flush with the skin

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No, the word 'dimples' is the plural form of the noun dimple.The possessive form of the noun dimple is dimple's.The plural possessive form is dimples'.

What is the name of the hole in cheek when you laugh?

Dimple . I think that's what you meant.

How does a dimple implant compare to a real dimple?

I dont no

Are dimple a sign of retardation?

No a dimple is not a sign of retardation.

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What is the genotype of a man if he has a dimple and his wife and son has no dimple?


When was One Dimple created?

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What is the meaning of dimple in Hindi?

Dimple means a hollow space which appears on your cheeks when you smile or when you throw stone on water the circles which creates is known as Dimple.

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