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Not sure about straight angels, but a straight angle is simply a straight line which goes through the vertex.

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Q: How does a straight angel look in math?
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What does a perpendicular line in math look like?

A straight line that intersects another straight line at 90 degrees

What does a ray look like in math?

A ray in math begins as a point (or dot, in laymans terms) with a straight arrow coming from it.

What is the angel of a straight?

The angle of a straight line is 180 degrees.

Can a triangle have a straight angle?

If you mean by straight angel an angel of magnitude 180 degrees, then the answer is no. The sum of the three interior triangle angels is 180 and not only a single angel.

Is a angle made out of 2 lines in math?

yes because look at a squares right angle it needs two sides to form that angel

What is your math grade going to be?

I am a straight 'A' student. I am a straight A student.

Is criss angel bi?

nope he is straight

What is straight edge in math?

A Ruler

A quadrilateral where each angel is a right angel?

The answer to this question is really straight forward........square! Obviously.

What angel has a measure of 180 degrees?

straight angle

An angel that is exactly 180 degrees?

it is a straight line

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