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A veterinarian uses math in several ways. Math is needed to measure substances being injected or given to an animal and the veterinarian also needs the ability to convert the measurements depending on the size and weight of the animal. They need to be able to track food records as well as track money saved and spent, amount of clients per year and usual business math. Veterinarians need to know how to use proportions to calculate the heart rate to the time and multiply and divide as they see necessary. In surgery they need to be able to measure the length of a cut and more. There are more ways veterinarians use math, such as diluting a chemical and what not but these are the main ways.

On the business side of things, veterinarians have to be able to figure out how much to charge for their services, including applicable taxes. They have to order medical supplies, which requires them to calculate the rate at which those supplies are used. They must also determine payroll, outstanding account balances, overhead costs and other basic financial calculations.

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Q: How does a veterinarian use math?
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