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One imperial gallon is approximately equal to 1.201 U.S. gallons.

One imperial gallon is exactly 4.54609 litres, whereas one U.S. gallon is exactly 3.7854118 liters.

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Q: How does an Imperial gallon compare to the US gallon?
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Which is bigger An English or US gallon?

An English (Imperial) gallon is larger - let's compare them in terms of liters:One English (Imperial) gallon = about 4.546 litersOne US gallon = about 3.785 liters

US Gallon vs Imperial Gallon?

1 US gallon = 0.833 Imperial gallons1 Imperial gallon = 1.2 US gallons

Which is larger imperial or us gallon?

An Imperial gallon has more volume than a US gallon: 1 Imperial gallon = 1.2 US gallons.

Which is more imperial gallon or us gallon?

The Imperial gallon is slightly more than a US gallon. One Imperial gallon is equal to 1.201 US gallons.

Is us gallon bigger than imperial gallon?

An Imperial gallon is larger than a US gallon.

Is a imperial gallon big as a gallon?

A US gallon is slightly less than one Imperial gallon: 1 Imperial gallon = 1.201 US gallons.

What is bigger US gallon or UK gallon?

A UK gallon also known as an imperial gallon is larger. An imperial gallon is 4.5L and a US gallon is 4L

How many US gallons are in an imperial gallon?

One Imperial gallon = 1.201 US gallons.

How do you convert imperial gallon into us gallon?

Multiply Imperial gallons by 1.2 to get US gallons.

How many US ounces in imperial gallon?

1 imperial gallon = 181.84 us ounces

Canada measures liqiud in imperial gallons an imperial gallon is about?

An imperial gallon is about 1.2 US gallons. 1 US Gallon = 3.785 Liters 1 Imperial Gallon = 4.546 Liters Darrell

How many miles to a UK gallon if 28 miles to US gallon?

If by UK gallon you mean Imperial gallon, then the answer would be about 23.3. 1 US gallon = 0.83267384 Imperial gallon 28 US MPG * 0.83267384 = 23.31486752 Imperial MPG

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