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Assuming no restrictions on the set, the cardinality of a set, n, is related in this form

# of subsets = 2n

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Q: How does cardinality relates to the number of subsets in a set?
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How does cardinality relates to number of subset of a set?

If a set has "n" elements, then it will have 2n subsets. This number of subsets is always larger than the number of elements - whether the set is finite or infinite.

How cardinality relates to the number of subsets of a set?

Cardinality is simply the number of elements of a given set. You can use the cardinality of a set to determine which elements will go into the subset. Every element in the subset must come from the cardinality of the original set. For example, a set may contain {a,b,c,d} which makes the cardinality 4. You can choose any of those elements to form a subset. Examples of subsets may be {a,c} {a, b, c} etc.

Can we define the cardinal number as the number of subsets of that set?

No. The number of subsets of that set is strictly greater than the cardinality of that set, by Cantor's theorem. Moreover, it's consistent with ZFC that there are two sets which have different cardinality, yet have the same number of subsets.

How is it possible for a set to have an odd number of subsets?

It is impossible. If a set has n elements, the cardinality of its power set [the number of its subsets] is 2n which must be even.

How many subsets are there in the set x?

It depends on the set x. If set x is of cardinality n (it has n elements) then it has 2n subsets.

How many subsets are in a Null set?

even though its carnality is 0 one of its properties says that the only subset of the null set is the empty set * * * * * Carnality refers to sexual desires and I would be greatly surprised if the null set had any of those! The number of subsets of a set whose cardinality is C(S) is 2C(S). The cardinality of the null set is, as the answer was trying to say, 0. So the number of its subsets is 2C(S) = 20 = 1. A null set has one subset - which is also a null set.

What is the cardinality of the set 00?

00 is not a set but the number zero written as a 2-digit number. The set {00} has cardinality 1.

What are the subsets for a fraction?

A fraction is a number, it is not a set. A number cannot have subsets, only a set can.

What is a cardinality set?

The cardinality of a finite set is the number of elements in the set. The cardinality of infinite sets is infinity but - if you really want to go into it - reflects a measure of the degree of...

What is cardinality of 15?

The cardinality of 15 is equal to the number of elements in the set. Since 15 is only one number, its cardinality is 1.

What is the Formula for the number of subsets in a set?

If the set has n elements, the number of subsets (the power set) has 2n members.

What determines the number of subsets in a set?

The number of elements. A set with n elements has 2n subsets; for example, a set with 5 elements has 25 = 32 subsets.