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If all other dimensions are left unchanged, doubling the height doubles the volume.

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Q: How does doubling the height affect the volume?
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How does doubling the height of the cylinder affect the volume?

It doubles it.

How many doubling the width of a box affect its volume?

If the other dimensions (length and height) are left unchanged, doubling the width will double the volume.

How does doubling the radius of a cylinder affect the volume?

Doubling the radius quadruples the volume.

How does doubling height affect potential energy?

Doubles it.

Is it possible to double the volume of a cylinder by doubling it's height?

Yes - of course it is !

How does doubling the pressure on a gas affect its volume?

Pressure and volume have an indirect relationship, so when you increase the pressure the volume will similarly decrease. By doubling the pressure, you will roughly cut the volume in half.

What effects the cylinder more doubling the radius or doubling the height?

They both have the same effect on the surface area of the pipe, but the radius has more effect on its volume/capacity.

A conical tent has a radius of 4.1m and a height of 10.4m doubling which dimension will quadruple the volume of the tent?


What effect does tripling the radius and doubling the height of a cone have on the cone's volume?

the volume changes as radius squared and linear with height, so tripling radius and double of height gives 3 x 3 x 2 = 18 times more volume

What factors affect lung volume?

Height, size, gender

What effect does doubling the base of a triangle have on the area?

Doubling the base, but leaving the height unchanged, will double the area.

Does doubling the height at age 2 equal finished height?

It is supposed to. I did it on my children and it worked

Does height affect lung capacity?

Both frame size and height affect the size of the lungs and the diaphragm. Lung volume correlates with height when adjusted for differences in age, weight, gender, and ethnicity.

Doubling the dimensions of 3-D shapes has what effect on volume?

The volume increases by 8 times (23). doubling is 2, so its 2 to the power of 3. Leigh

Will changing the dimensions of a cylinder affect the volume?

Yes. Except that there will be some combinations of changes to diameter and height which will leave the volume unchanged.

If you double the volume of a substance how will the mass change?

If a substance has X grams per cubic centimeter, then doubling the volume gives 2 cubic centimeters. This means that there are 2X grams, so doubling the volume doubles the mass.

Can you really tell how tall your child will be by doubling his her weight on their second birthday?

No, you can do it by doubling their HEIGHT when they are 2, not their weight. And yes it is considered to be approximately accurate.

Does the force of gravity most affect weight or volume or height or mass?

I don't know. Figure it out on your own.

What is the volume of a rectangle with height 8m?

Rectangles don't have volume or height.

How do you find the height of a cube?

Since: Volume = height x base Height = Volume / Base

How would doubling mass of an object affect its height?

In general, as objects get larger, mass increases faster than height, because height is a linear, or one dimensional measurement, whereas mass is related to volume, and volume would as a general rule be proportional to the cube of the height. I will add that your question is rather vague. A person who is getting fat, for example, could double in mass without any change in height. An empty box could have something put inside it that would cause it to double in mass without any increase in height. There are many different possible situations involving increased mass, which would have a variety of effects on height.

How do you find the height of a cylinder when you have the radius and volume?

pi*radius2*height = volume Make the height the subject of the above formula:- height = volume/pi*radius2

How do you find height of cylinder when you only have volume and radius?

pi*r2*height = volume Make the height the subject of the above formula:- height = volume/(pi*r2)

How do you find base area of rectangular prism if you know volume and height?

Volume of a rectangular prism = base x height. If volume and height are known, solve for base area by dividing volume by height.

What is the formula for finding the length if you have the volume height and width?

volume = length*height*width Rearrange the formula: length = volume/height*width