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it octuples (multiplies by 8)

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Q: How does doubling the measure of each dimension in a rectangular prism change the volume of the prism?
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What happens to the volume a rectangular prism if the width is tripled?

A [multiplicative] change in one dimension makes the same change in the volume. So the volume would be tripled.

How does the dimension of a prism change if the dimension of a prism is doubled?

You'd get a new answer.

How can you change a dimension value?

Flip the object a certain way so it is another dimension.

How the dimension of an object change as a result of a temperature change?


What is the dimension of acceleration?

the dimension of acceleration is LT-2 . acceleration is the change of velocity divided by time .

Does doubling the decibels of a sound intensity level double the intensity?

No, doubling the decibels is wrong. Total Intensity = I1 + I2. Doubling of sound intensity corresponds to a level change of 3 dB.

Doubling the amount of a nonvolatile solute in a solution?

A. doubles the elevation change of the boiling point

What is the shape of a line with an infinite slope in economics?

Slope is the change in y (vertical dimension) with the change in x (horizontal dimension). On a Cartesian coordinate system, the slope is equal to infinity for change in x = 0, or a vertical line.

How to change photo dimension and resolution at Adobe Photoshop?


What is the definition of stress and strain as applied to a wire?

stress is the ratio of internal restoring force to the area of cross section of the wire .in general internal restoring force is equal to the applied force . stress=force applied/ area of cross section. and strain is the ratio of change in dimension to the original dimension. therefore strain = change in dimension / original dimension.

If you double the volume of a substance how will the mass change?

If a substance has X grams per cubic centimeter, then doubling the volume gives 2 cubic centimeters. This means that there are 2X grams, so doubling the volume doubles the mass.

How do you change centimeters to cubic centimeters?

Impossible to change a volume measure to a length measure

Are you able to add or change video cards on a dell dimension 3000?

Yes, you are.

How does volume of prism change if each dimension of the prism is doubled?

The answer gets doubled.

What is a synonym for gradient?

A graded change in the magnitude of some physical quantity or dimension

How do you change area to volume?

By multiplying it by a given 3rd dimension

What does doubling the distance between two objects do to the gravitational force between the objects?

Because of the inverse-square law, doubling the distance will change the gravitational force by a factor of 1/4 (calculated as 1 divided by 2 squared).

How do you calculate volume in cubic centimeters?

The calculation for volume is different for each three-dimensional form.For a rectangular solid, measure each dimension in centimeters and multiply That is length x width x height.For a cylinder, use pi = 3.1416 times the radius squared times height.For ovoid or irregular shapes, you can submerge the form in water and measure the change in the water volume.1 ml of water equals 1 cm3.

How does the volume of a prism change if each dimension of the prism is doubled what does it double into?

If each dimension of a prism is doubled then the volume increases by a multiple of 8.

How do you measure the volume of an object that was NOT a rectangular prism?

One way to measure the volume of an irregular object is to use a graduated cylinder. Fill the cylinder about half-way with water, and measure the volume. Then, place the object in the cylinder and measure the new volume. Subtract the first from the second to find the change in volume of the water. This change in volume is the voume of the object. Unfortunately, this method will not work for all objects as some are to large to fit in a graduated cylinder and some will dissolve in water, but it is very usefull in most situations.

Are animal cells circle or rectangular?

Its just round in pictures, but it can change shape.

Formula for Coefficient of thermal expansion?

CoTE( Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)= [Change in dimension]/[Original Dimension x Change in Temperature] Here Dimension implies Length,Volume,Surface Area etc. And Change in Dimension implies Change in Length,Change in Volume or Change in Surface Area etc. For every dimension the symbol of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion is different. For example Coefficient of Linear Expansion is represented by Alpha Coefficient of Linear Expansion is represented by Beta RELATIONS BETWEEN CoTE's Beta=3(Alpha) Coefficient of two dimensional expansion(Surface Area Expansion)=2(Alpha).

What is rectangular hyperbola demand curve?

This is the curve which shows the unitary elastic demand where the change in quantity demanded equals with the change in price.

Where did the actors change in ancient greek theatres?

A large rectangular box behind the orchestra where the actors could change. This is called a Skene.

What is the ASI abbreviation in an architectural drawing?

Architectural Supplemental Instruction, or revisions to approved documents that do not change the main base bid. Such as a change in dimension.