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Q: How does income inequality affect families?
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How do government policies affect income?

Government policies and programs, such as benefit programs and the progressive income tax, reduce income inequality.

What are the consequences of income inequality?


How can unpleasant and risky jobs affect income inequality?

These type of jobs will generally have to utilize higher wages in order to attract job seekers.

What is the difference between the concept of intra-ethnic inequality in income distribution and inter-ethnic inequality in income distribution?


What is the Gini coefficient?

A measure of income inequality.

How does the cost of living increase affect low income families?

Parents may not able to provide the necessity of their children.

In economics what does the Gini coefficient measure?

Income inequality

How can financial resources affect a person's diet?

Financial resources can affect diet, as having a low income can affect the budget. Families with low income may only be able to afford cheap food products, where as families with high income can afford to buy high quality food products. Cheap food products contain high amounts of fat and sugar can have an affect on a persons health and lifestyle. The majority of people with high income, who are able to afford higher quality food products have good health and a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Average income for families?

the avergae income for families in the united states is 20% - squeaky Steve the avergae income for families in the united states is 20% - squeaky Steve

What are some reasons for income inequality in the US?

i have no clue.......:P

What s meant by income inequality.distinguish between personal and functional distribution of income.?

What is meant by income inequality? Distinguish between personal and functional distribution of income.

What are the issue related with income distribution?

Corruption, wealth inequality, illiteracy.