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It's because they are the opposite of each other, so it makes sense to learn them together. For example, if you know that 2x2=4 then it makes sense to learn that 4/2=2 at the same time.

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Q: How does learning multiplication and division facts at the same time help learn them quicker?
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Why learning multiplication facts is helpful for big multiplication facts?

If you know them up to at least 9, you will be able to do big multiplication problems as well as move on to division, algebra, and maybe even calculus.

How can you do your homework right when its division?

Math depends on memorizing the facts and learning how to use them. If you've memorized the multiplication/division facts, you should just be able to recite them to yourself and do the division problems. If not, you need to get to work memorizing those tables!

How is multiplication and division related?

Division by a number is the inverse operation to multiplication by the number (and vice versa).

What is the fastest and easiest way to do division?

The fastest way to learn and do division is memorize your division math facts. It is easier to memorize the division facts, knowing your multiplication facts will help as well.

How does multiplication facts upto 10x10 help you recall division facts?

its the inverse (opsite)

How can you use multiplicaion fact to find division fact?

you can use multiplication facts to find division facts by dividing your divisor and your quotient to find your answer.

What is a set of related multiplication and division equations using the same number?

Related facts

What is a group of related multiplication and division facts that use the same numbers?


How knowing simple multiplacation facts can help you with divosions with greater numbers?

Knowing simple multiplication facts can help with division of greater numbers because you will be familiar with how many times numbers can be put into other numbers. Once you know multiplication, division is easy.

Does rote learning help a student in gaining knowledge?

Absolutely! Rote learning is best for things like multiplication/division facts, memorizing formulae, and memorizing speeches (or poems, or songs, or any other long passage). One way to memorize by rote learning is to make a study deck - see the link below to learn how!

What are the multiplication facts about 5?

multiplication facts are simply that times table in this case 5

Does every multiplication sentence have 2 division facts?

Yes it does because it does not make sense look below7x=14 that wouldn't make sense