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Math and fashion design relate because in fashion design you make measure ments and that relates to math.

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Q: How does math and fashion design relate?
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How does science relate fashion design?

Science relates to fashion design because in fashion you need to know what the fabric you are using is made of.

How is math used in fashion design?

that fashion design takes a lot of work and takes to much work it's takes a lot of math work

Subjects required for fashion design?

Math, Reading, and Creativity

How does math relate to fashion designing?

Math relates to fashion designing in many ways. The ability to make accurate measurements is a skill that a fashion designer must have. They must also be able to manage a budget, which involves many math skills.

Why do you have to take math to become a fashion designer?

Measurements are key in good design

How does science relate to fashion design?

you use science by knowing wat the fabric you are using is made of.

How maths is used in fashion design?

You need math to measure sizes and cut patterns.

How does graphic design relate to fashion design?

Graphic design -Graphics(pictures)on clothing -Colors? - pattern on clothes(flowers, hearts, stars, animals, etc.)

How do horse jockeys relate to math andor science they relate to math and science?

Horse Jockeys relate to math and science! Horse Jockeys relate to math and science!

How does origami relate to math?

read origami design secrets by Robert lang (especially the last chapter)

Wish fashion is related to fashion design?

A fashion designer. fashion design software

How is communication used in fashion design?

Fashion communication is used in fashion design. By new innovations in design we can communicate in fashion.

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