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The horizontal, vertical and diagonal numbers will all be the same sum when added together.

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Q: How does math work in magic squares?
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How is magic squares related to math?

its not

Who did magic squares originate from?

math squares are a good an usefull tool but we may never now who made them lol

Does anyone know how to play the game Magic Squares?

Many people know how to play the game Magic Squares. There are a number of websites that have the game online and give information about how to play, such as WikiHow, Math-Play, and Cut-The-Knot.

Is pascal's triangle related to magic squares?

no the magic squares is a way different thing

What are the ratings and certificates for Magic Squares - 1914?

Magic Squares - 1914 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

How do you work out magic squares with negative numbers?

kvbubnjbvhufbv bhkfbx batik tani buatos is [retuy

What is Math magic?

regular math

What are the answers to magic squares?


When did magic squares originate?


What is an answer to a 4x4 magic squares with 10-5 numbers?

swer in a 4x4 magic squares with 10-=25 numbers in each column?

What country did magic squares come from?


Who came up with magic squares?


How many squares are there in a 9 by 9 grid?

81 Squares -- Deo Math Club

What is magic about the arrangement of the numbers in the 8x8 cell square?

While they may have been called magic squares, there is absolutely nothing magical about them. The arrangement of numbers in magic squares is all very rational.

Did emperor yu create magic squares?


What is special about Magic Squares?

Magic squares are grids of numbers that add up to the same number in each row, each column and both long diagonals. ■

What is a net in math that has 6 squares?

A net with six squares can make a cube, if drawn correctly.

What is for and sience?

science is "magic"!

How do you do math o magic?


What is the conflict of the magic box?


Can magic squares equal something that is not 15?

Yes. Just add the same number to each square and see what happens. Also, there are magic squares of different sizes.

What has the author Seymour S Block written?

Seymour S. Block has written: 'Sudoku and magic squares' -- subject(s): Sudoku, Magic squares, Mathematical recreations

What is the historical aspects of magic number squares?

8888888x88888888= 1zillion

Which great American used to concoct magic squares when political debates become tedious?

Benjamin Franklin would concoct magic squares when debates got rather tedious

Which culture discovered magic squares first?

Believe it or not, the Indian culture discovered magic squares first. However, many people tend to believe the Chinese invented this game.