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Multiply it by itself.

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Q: How does one cacluate the squared of any number?
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What is the difference between prime number and squared number?

A prime number is a positive integer with two factors: one and the number itself. A squared number is any integer multiplied by itself. With the exception of 1, all squared numbers are composite.

What does the number 1 squared equal?

one squared equals one.

Is one a squared number or not?


When you multiply any whole number by itself the product is what?

The term for a number multiplied by itself one time is "squared." For example: 6^2 ( six to the power of two or six squared)) or 6x6 is 36.

What does 12 squared mean?

A squared number is one that is multiplied by itself, e.g., 12 squared = 12 x 12

Can a perfect square have a negative square root?

If a is any number, then a squared = (-a) squared, so one might say that a and -a are both square roots of a squared. However, the square root symbol always means the positive square root.

What is 350 squared?

122,500. To get the value of a number squared, one would multiply the number and itself. In this instance: 350 * 350 = 122,500.

When you subtract one square number from another and the number is 12 what are the two square numbers?

The answer is 4 squared minus 2 squared as 4 squared is 16 minus 2 squared, which is 4, gives you 12 as an answer.

What is One half a number squared?


Two numbers that's do not equal each other but the first number squared equals the first number and the second numbered squared equals the first number and they do not equal zero or one what is number?

"First number squared equals the first number". This must be 1, but "they do not equal zero or one". No solution possible.

When you subtract one squared number from another one you get 3?

Not usually.

When you subtract one number from snother the answer is 5 what are the two square numbers?

3 squared and 2 squared.