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The best way to estimate a quotient using compatible numbers is to first understand how compatible numbers work. They are numbers that are close in value to the actual numbers and are easily added, subtracted or divided.

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Q: How does one estimate a quotient using compatible numbers?
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How do you Estimate quotient by using compatible numbers 5391 divided by 77?


How do you estimate quotient using compatible numbers for 566 divided by 81?


How do you estimate fractions using compatible numbers?

Estimate 43/81 by using compatible numbers

What do they mean when they say estimate each quotient write the compatible numbers you used?

Suppose you are asked to evaluate a quotient like 923/462. You have several options. You could choose 900 and 500 as compatible numbers for the two given numbers and then your estimated quotient would be 900/500 = 1.8. Or You could choose 920 and 460 as the compatible numbers for them and then your estimated quotient would be 920/460 = 2.0. So the question is essentially, what compatible numbers did you pick and using them, what was the quotient. There is no correct answer to picking compatible numbers. Any estimation is a trade-off between simplicity and accuracy. Incidentally, a more accurate answer is 1.9978 (approx), but even that is not perfect!

What is the best estimate of 4x26x7 using compatible numbers?

i think it is 28x26

Estimate quotient by using compatible numbers 6 divided by 537?


How do I estimate the quotients 536 divided by 23 using compatible numbers?


What is estimate 358 divided by 3 using compatible numbers?


Estimate the sum 646 plus 289 using compatible numbers?


What is 329 plus 64 using compatible numbers to estimate?

300 + 60

Estimate each difference using compatible numbers 53-24?


By using compatible numbers estimate 287 plus 491?

280 + 500 = 780

What is 212 plus 347 using compatible numbers to estimate equals?

That equals 559. If you have to, estimate 210 + 350 = 560

Estimate using compatible numbers 283divided by105?


What is 568-342 using compatible numbers?

568-342 using compatible numbers = 226

When you use compatible numbers to estimate 9.4 plus 62.6 is it closer to the actual answer then using rounding?

Not in this case.

How do you estimate 4 divided into 71 using compatible numbers?


What is estimate 412 divided by 84 using compatible numbers?


What is 535.6 divided by 35 using compatible numbers?

535.6 divided by 35 using compatible numbers = 15.302857142857144

How can you estimate to check that your quotient is reasonable?

You can check by using your estimated number and comparing it with your exact quotient.

What is 212 plus 347 using compatible numbers to estimate?


Explain whether it is easier to estimate the product 13.72 x 47.28 by using compatible numbers or by rounding each factor to the nearest whole number?

Compatible numbers would be easier. Rounding gives you 14 x 47. Compatible numbers could be 13 x 50 which would be closer to the actual product.

What shows the best way to estimate 7128 using compatible numbers?

If you know the number is 7128 I do not understand why on earth anyone would want to estimate it!

When people say Estimate each answer using compatible numbers what do they mean?

It means that you round each number to one, one half, or zero

What is the Best way to estimate 712 divide by 8 using compatible numbers?

720/8 = 90

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