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In general, there isn't much real difference. Not enough to be concerned anyway. A few different manufacturers have some injector cleaners that may or may not make a difference. Rather than worrying about the BRAND of fuel, just try to get FRESH fuel, meaning that it hasn't been sitting in a tank for a month at the gas station. Always buy fuel at the place that sells the most since it has been refined more recently, that way you'll get far less water and dirt getting into your tank and fuel line. Water condenses in an underground tank (or even an above ground tank) when the fuel is colder than the air. "Fresh" fuel is generally warmer than the air and prevents condensation and keeps you from getting water in your fuel. Also, older fuel tends to build up more particulates through precipitation, you don

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Q: How does one realistically compare different gasolines such as Citgo Shell Texaco BP?
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