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30 seconds is one sixteenth of eight minutes

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Q: How does one sixteenth equal to thirty seconds?
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What is one sixteenth divided by 2?

One sixteenth divided by 2 is equal to one thirty-second.

What is 1 minute 38 seconds?

One minute and thirty-eight seconds is equal to 98 seconds.

How many seconds are in 150 minutes?

One hundred and fifty seconds is equal to Two minutes thirty seconds.

How many thirty second notes equal an eighth note?

Well, it should be 32. Four quarter notes in a whole, two halves in a whole, two eights in a quarter, two sixteenths in an eighth, so two thirty seconds in a sixteenth. A thirty second means "one thirty second of a whole (note)", so the answer is 32.

What is one sixteenth equal to as a decimal?


What is one sixteenth plus five sixteenth?

One of anything plus five of the same thing is equal to six of them.

How many thirty seconds notes in a dotted sixteenth note?

Rule of Three: Each note value contains within it, three of the next smallest note. Ex: one Quarter note equals three Eight notes, and one Half note equals three Quarter notes. So a Sixteenth note equals three 32nd notes.

How many seconds are in thirty-one minutes?

There are 1,860 seconds in thirty-one minutes. How you could solve this is by multiplying 60 by 31.

Does half of one eighth equal a quarter?

No, it equals one sixteenth.

Is thirty-five and one hundredth equal to thirty-five and one thousand?

No. The "thirty-five" parts are equal, but one hundredth is ten times as muchas one thousandth, so those parts are not equal.Similarly, thirty-five and one chicken is not equal to thirty-five and one horse.

How long is 94 seconds?

It is one minute and thirty four seconds

What is one eighth of one fourth?

one thirty seconds