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Q: How does payments accounts effect ratios?
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What are the three major accounts of balance payments?

3 major accounts in balance of payments :accounts dealing with goods, services and incomeaccounts recording gifts or unilateral transfersaccounts dealing with financial claims

Do company payments decrease accounts payable?


What are the Liquidity ratios?

measure of a firms ability to meet short term cash payments. bassically liquidity ratios show how good a business is at paying off its debts. hope this helps :)

What can one do with an accounts payable clerk?

An accounts payable clerk is a position where one works in a specific division of an accounting department. An accounts payable clerk is the one that is responsible for making payments on behalf of the company one works for in order for payments to be made on time.

What are the main summary statements of the balance of payments accounts and what do they measure?

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What does the accounts payable department do?

The accounts payable is part of a company's accounting department. Accounts payable makes payments to outside firms that supplies it with a service or product.

What does adverse accounts mean?

An Adverse account means a delinquent account. An account that has not received on time monthly payments, or payments at all.

What does no payments no interest mean?

As far as credit cards/credit accounts, you will not have to make any payments and no interest will be added till said date.

What is the report that shows the money owed to vendors called accounts receivable report monthly payments will statement Accounts Payable aging report or balance sheet?

Accounts payable

What do taxes and transfer payments act as?

Multiplier Effect

Why does a decrease happen in Accounts Receivable?

Decrease in accounts receivable happens on the account of receipt of payments, discounts given, or bad debts written off.

Why can't all the balance of payments accounts be in surplus?

The balance of payments accounts cannot be in surplus because there is always a balance in economics. For example, if you used cash assets to purchase equipment, the equipment account will increase but the cash assets account will decrease.