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A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides.

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Q: How does pentagon shape look like?
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What is a ten sided shape look like?

Pentagon shape

What a pentagon look like?

It looks like a doghouse:(The shape inside the box is a pentagon.)

I am helping my grandchild with his homework and would like to know how does a pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon is a five-sided figure.

Why is the pentagon shape the way it is?

because think of a pent house and a pentagon is sort of like a house look- / \ | | ___ see?

What does a irregular pentagon look like?

An irregular pentagon is a five sided shape. This shape will have sides of differing lengths and interior angles of differing magnitudes.

Show you what the math shape pentagon looks like?

show me what a pentagon shape looks like

What does the shape pentagon look like?

See the related link to an excellent picture from Wikipedia.

Why does the pentagon has the name of pentagon?

Because it's shaped like a pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sized shape.

What does a rectangular pentagon look like?

It can look like a four-sided shape with five sides or a five-sided shape with four sides. The term is self-contradictory and so such a shape cannot exist!

What does a pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon shape looks like a house with the slanted roof and square bottom. It is a closed, plane, 5-sided figure with all straight sides. A regular pentagon has all 5 sides the same length. These are all pentagons.

Is a pentagon shape in a pentagon shape a rigid shape?

yes a pentagon is a rigid shape * * * * * I am afraid that it is not.

What do you call a shape like a house?


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