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Q: How does raising the temperature from 25 to 35 affect the digestive of starch?
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What do digestive enzymes do to starch?

the digestive enzymes turn the starch in to sugar!

What do digestive enzymes split starch into?

Starch is a polysaccharide made up of a chain of sugar molecules. Digestive enzymes split starch into glucose molecules by breaking up links of the chain.

How will the time taken for starch to digested in amylase be affected by the temperature?

investigate the relationship between reaction temperature and the effectiveness of the Enzyme amalayse on starch

Why does iodine stop turning starch blue when saliva is present?

Saliva contains a digestive enzyme that converts starch into sugar.

What digestive function can occur in the mouth?

Starch can be converted into sugars in the mouth.

Why do seeds need enzymes to convert starch for germination?

digestive track

A digestive enzyme such as pancreatic amylase breaks down starch to what disaccharide studied in this laboratory?

Amylase hydrolyses starch into maltose.

What is the equivalent of plant starch in animals?

Their digestive processes convert the starch to glucose. They can now use the glucose as a source of energy.

Which part of the digestive system begins the breakdown of starch to suger?

amylase enzyme

Does temperature effect starch digestion?

yes temperature affects starch digestion, amylase work harder and better at higher temperatures

What is commonly used as a lubricant in srs airbags?

corn starch

What is the role of the enzymes of the digestive system in the complete breakdown of starch?

amylase (starch) to maltose maltase maltose to glucose Hydrolysis (of) Glycosidic bonds