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when you read, you learn. sometimes, authors have funny ways of making you remember something. its always helpful to read. there is nothing wrong with being a book worm.

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Q: How does reading help you get better grades?
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How do you get good grades in reading?

i need help getting good grades in reading

How can one benefit from speed reading software?

Reading fast and reading well are the best way to get better grades, keep high grades, and to get good grades in coursework. Reading effectively will vastly improve your means of understanding course material.

Why should students with failing grades stopped from playing sports?

To "help" them concentrate on their studies and get better grades

Why do students not submit homework on time?

Most kids who don't do their work are not mature enough to understand that it helps them learn better and make better grades, and that better grades help them get a better job later on.

Should kids have at least a c in their grades before they get their license?

Yes because better grades will help with the car insurance!

Will military school help my son get better grades?

Military school will probably help your son get better grades. They don't deal well with monkey business and they will set your son straight if he tries to mess around.

Does studies say that studying help your grades?

It is confirmed that studying is very effective when it comes to better grades in school. Studying for test, exams can refresh what you have already learned and will give you a better chance at great grades.

Is there any relation between the grades of students who do homework and students that don't?

Of course there is. The more you practice what you're learning, the better you know it and the better your grades will be. Homework is practice to help you learn better.

Does reading give you better grades?

Reading helps your grades. The better you can understand a question the better you can answere hit. Yes. I used to think it didn't, but it will give you better grades in every class you take from now through your college years. Also try other ways to exercise your brain, like answering questions on wikianswers. I do about 20 a day to keep me thinking...its kinda fun too...and by fun i mean addictive...good luck with the books kid.

What is 5th grade intervention?

It's where you go to a class and they help you with were you can get better grades.

My grades suck HELP?

Only better study habits or a tutor can improve your grades not getting answers to random questions here

What can do while reading a text that will help you better remember what you're reading?

verda Taking notes while reading