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Most of the laws of science can be represented by mathematical equations or functions.

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Q: How does science tie in the concepts of math?
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What does math and science have in common?

Math is the language of science. Many science concepts are written not just with words, but with equations. Analysis of numerical data leads to equations and understanding of the concepts.

what do you like better math or scienc?

I like math because it is easy than science to me.

Why math is important in political science?

Mathematics is important in political science as a means for modelling political concepts. With math, we can simplify and analyse ideas quantitatively.

How does a forensic scientist use math?

Forensic science is any branch of science used to analyze crime scene evidence for a court of law. All science uses math concepts and equations, and forensic scientists are well educated in mathematical concepts they use to analyze evidence from crime scenes.such as Measurements, Proportions, Trigonometry

What is the relation between math and science?

Mathematical equations are often used in science to design, execute, and rationalize experiments and concepts. Instructions in science classes often include numbers, ratios, and formulas. Math is also essential in physics.

What are the math concepts?

Math concepts are such terms as algebra, subtraction, adding, and etc........................................................................

Is it true that if I as an individual am excellent with math I will fail science and engineering?

Left brained people are usually good at math and sciences. So if you are good at math you should do well with science and engineering. The key here though is that you study. Just because it's easier for you to understand the concepts in math and science doesn't mean you don't have to do the work necessary to achieve good grades.

What is the theme for science and math month for 2011?

I'm a Grade 4 student of Perpetual Help Learning Academy of Quezon City in the Philippines have different kinds of themes in science and math like: Science: 1.Science Links 2.The Faber of Science 3.Getting Rich 4.Digital Science Fiction 5.Pathways Math: 1.Math Beyond 2.Math for Life 3.Advanced Concepts 4.Elemantary Algebra 5.Soaring 21st Century Mathematics

What will happen if you don't take math and you score good marks in science?

It is possible to understand scientific concepts without math, however, that will only take you so far. Any kind of serious scientific work depends upon a considerable knowledge of mathematics. Math is the language of science.

Is there any errors in math?

By its very nature, math concepts are truths that can be proven. There are some exceptions in some concepts, but no errors.

What is bioengeneering?

Bioengineering, a very confusing topic if you ask me, is the application of concepts and methods of physics, chemistry, math, and computer science to solve life science problems. So its basically using other subjects to help in life science.

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