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Q: How does surface area effect water temperature?
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What are two factors that effect how fast water will evaporate and more information?

Temperature and surface area

How do temperature and increasing surface area affect nuclear decay?

there is no effect of either

Is the sun the only thing that evaporates water?

There are 3 main factures that effect evaporation of water; The surface area of the water The surface temperature of the water The partial air pressure of the water

Three factors that effect the rate of evaporation?

Wind Surface area Temperature Relative humidity

which the conditiondo the following will increase the rate of evaporation in water?

-temperature -surface area -vapour pressure

What do concentration surface area and temperature have in common?

They can all affect the rate of a chemical reaction.

What are two factors that affect how fast water will evaporate?

Temperature and surface area

How could you speed up the reaction of limescale and descaler?

concentration,catalyst, temperature and surface area effect

Why is it important to keep the temperature and the amount of water the same when testing surface area?

The temperature and the amount of water need to be kept the same so that the only variable that changes is surface area. If you allow the temperature and/or the amount of water to change too, you will not know which variable is causing the changes that you observe.

How long does it take 200 ml of water to evaporate?

Evaporation depends on the following factors - the temperature of the water at the air-water surface. The humidity of the air. The area of the air-water surface. The temperature of the air.

What is the rate of water freezing?

It depends on the temperature gradient, volume, surface area, etc.

What is the evaporation rate of water?

That is not a standard quantity. It depends on temperature, surface area and air movement.