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because of the earths rotation

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Q: How does the big dipper change with the seasons?
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How does The Big Dipper move throughout the year during the seasons?

The big dipper moves counter-clockwise

When does the big dipper to change positions?

The Big Dipper does not change positions, Earth moves relative to the Big Dipper all the time.

In what seasons can you find the big dipper in?

Spring time

Why does the location of the big dipper change?

The big dipper's location changes because Earth rotates.

Does big dipper change size after a week?

does the big dipper chnage after a week in size or is it father north or west

Why will the big dipper change in shape?

the universe is always changing

Is big dipper an adjective?

No, Big dipper is a constellation.

When did they name the big dipper?

when was the big dipper named

Does the Big Dipper have a tail?

The "tail" is the handle of the Big Dipper.

What is the symbol for the big dipper?

The symbol for the big dipper is UMa.

Is the big dipper visible over Portugal?

Yes, all constellations are visible at one point through out the seasons.

Do star in the Big dipper constellation change position?

Technically, yes. But not fast enough for the change to be noticeable in the course of a human lifetime. I've seen a drawing of what the shape of the Big Dipper will look like in 1,000 years from now. It's different, but clearly recognizable as the same Big Dipper.

What is a big dipper?

A big dipper is an alternative name for a roller coaster.

Who Discovered Big Dipper?

The Big Dipper was discovered by prehistoric people.

Is the Big Dipper part of the zodiac?

the big dipper is not part of the zodiac

When did big dipper get its name?

Because it looks like a big dipper! :)

Why did a slave want to follow the Big Dipper?

he wished that he had a big dipper

What is a little dipper nicknames?

big dipper

What is next to the big dipper?

the little dipper

What are two different names for big dipper and little dipper?

Ursa Mayjor and Big Bear is the big dipper and Ursa Minor Or Little Bare is the litttle Dipper

How did big dipper get its name?

were dose rhe big dipper gets it name from were dose rhe big dipper gets it name from

Is the North Star in the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper?

The little dipper

Why was the big dipper named big dipper?

The big dipper was named the big dipper because it resembles a ladle that when Harriet Tubman lead the slaves to freedom she used the big dipper to guide her and during that time at a party people would drink from the ladle.

Can the big dipper be seen from Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes, but it is very low on the horizon, and is only visible during certain seasons.

What two satellites orbit earth?

The big dipper, and the little dipper... There is a third called the Really big dipper