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As long as the mass on the end is much greater than the mass of the string it's

hanging from, the mass has no effect at all on the speed or the period.

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Q: How does the mass of a pendulum effect the speed it goes?
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What happens to the period of a pendulum if you increase its mass?

The mass has no significant effect on the period.

What is the effect of changig length or mass of pendulum on value of g?

Changing the length will increase its period. Changing the mass will have no effect.

What is effect of changing mass of pendulum on value of 'g'?

yes it can change....

Conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

Only the length of the pendulum has an influence on the pendulum's speed, not the mass or angle of it. Although if the pendulum is red it may blow-up depending on its status.

What will be the effect of time period of a simple pendulum if its mass is doubled and its amplitude is halved?

The PERIOD of a Simple Pendulum is affected by its LENGTH, and NOT by its Mass or the amplitude of its swing. So, in your case, the Period of the Pendulum's swing would remain UNCHANGED!

What is the effect of changing length or mass of the pendulum on the value of g?

Changing the length of a pendulum or the mass of its bob has no effect on g; g is a constant, always equal to 9.8 meters per square second near the surface of Earth.

Does weight affect the swinging speed of a pendulum?

The period of the pendulum is dependent on the length of the pendulum to the center of mass, and independent from the actual mass.The weight, or mass of the pendulum is only related to momentum, but not speed.Ignoring wind resistance, the speed of the fall of objects is dependent on the acceleration factor due to gravity, 9.8 m/s/s which is independent of the actual weight of the objects.

What happen to the time period of pendulum if the mass of bob is changed?

If you make the simplifying assumption that everything except the bob is massless, then the mass of the bob has no effect on the period.

WHAT IS the term for the mass at the end of a pendulum?

The mass at the end of the pendulum is the bob

Does mass effect the period of a pendulum?

Galileo showed that the speed of heavy objects is the same as light ones (except for light ones that are slowed by air resistance, which is not the case for simple pendulums with reasonably heavy bobs). Since the motion of a pendulum is essentially an object falling toward the center of motion and masses fall at the same rate, the swing time of the pendulum does not depend on mass. See link.

What has a greater effect on an objects kentic energy doubling its mass or doulbing it speeed?

Speed (KE goes up by the square of the velocity).

Which factor affects the period of the pendulum?

The period of a pendulum is affected by the angle created by the swing of the pendulum, the length of the attachment to the mass, and the weight of the mass on the end of the pendulum.