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Q: How does the number of sentences in a fact family with 2 identical factors compare to the number of sentences in a fact family with 2 different factors?
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What is a number that has four identical even factors?

16 is a number that has four identical even factors.

What are the three identical factors for 45?

45 does not have 3 identical factors: unless you mean 1*1*1.

Sort the numbers less than 100 that into groups that have five identical prime factorsfour identical prime factors three identical prime factors and two identical prime factors?

Five identical prime factors : 32, 96. Four identical prime factors : 16, 48, 80, as well as 81. Three identical prime factors : 8, 24, 40, 56, 72, 88, as well as 27, 54. Two identical prime factors : All multiples of 4 not yet listed (4, 12, 20...), all multiples of 9 not yet listed (9, 18, 36...), as well as 25, 50, 75, 100, and 49 and 98. Your teacher forgot "six identical prime factors" : 64.

Compare biotic and abiotic factors?

compare biotic and abiotic factors

Why identical twins may look and different from each other?

The expression of genes may be modified by environmental factors.

If you have three different prime factors and two identical digits what number are you?

2 x 3 x 11 = 66

Why are twins identical?

Monozygotic (Identical or Maternal) twins are identical because they came from the same egg and were split after conception but before fetal development. Identical twins have nearly identical DNA, however, environmental factors may switch genes on and off, differences are more pronounced as the twins age. Dizygotic (Fraternal) twins are not identical. They are as different as any other siblings.

How do you list common factors?

in sentences

What is a number that has four identical even factors greater than 1 and that has only 1 and itself as factors?

A number that has only one and itself as factors is a prime number and so therefore it can't have four other identical factors.

What number has identical factors?

Square numbers

Is health insurance cheap?

It depends on a lot of factors, Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What are two identical factors for 100?

10 and 10

What is an organism that has two identical factors for a trait?


What is the product of two identical factors?

A square number.

Is there a website one can use to compare prices for shipping a car?

There are many factors in the price of shipping a car. 123movers is a great company that can give you different quotes and compare different companies side by side in order to get the best deal for you.

When burning two different foods to compare energy values what two factors must be kept the same?

temp and environment

How identical twins can be different when they have the same DNA?

Because they separated into separate beings early in the cell division process. After that, a quadrillion factors are involved in the minuscule differences all along the development process. This is how they become different people.

Can a trinomial have two identical factors?

Yes. Consider the trinomial x2 + 2x + 4. It can be factored as (x+2)(x+2), that is to say, it has two identical factors of (x+2).

What is an experiment in which all factors that are identical have?

Constants are the factors which do not change. Variables are the factors which change. If that is what you are referring to.

What is a number wit two identical factors?

a perfect square

What are the common factors for 506?

For a number to have common factors, there needs to be another number to compare its factors with.

What differences do identical twins have?

Genetically identical twins have differences related to environmental factors only, such as how well they eat over their lives, haircuts, time in the sun or exposure to diseases etc. All these can modify how they appear and act, and hence even identical twins can end up looking and being very different.

Identical twins are like clones of each other?

Yes and no, they are in the sense that both clones and Identical Twins do have the same DNA, however the way that the reproduction occurs in far different. Identical twins are "created" by a fertilized cell dividing in two forming two identical organisms. While clones go through a complex process, in which a nucleus is taken from a somatic (Body cell) and transplanted into a egg cell creating a new organism genetically identical to the firstHowever, Identical twins (nor are clones) aren't carbon copies of each other. Each twin goes through different environmental factors, so they are different people with different personalities and physical features.

How do the factors of 36 compare to the factors of 72?

Since 36 is a factor of 72, all the factors of 36 are factors of 72.

What are the common factors of seventy?

For common factors to exist, there needs to be one or more numbers to compare the factors of.

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