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The perimeter, being a linear measure, also changes by a factor of 3.

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Q: How does the perimeter change when the dimensions are changed by a scale factor of 3?
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How does the perimeter of a figure change if the dimensions are changed from yards o feet?

The absolute value of the perimeter doesn't change, only the unit value which increases by a factor of 3.

How does proportional change in the dimensions affect the perimeter of a figure?

If you are asking how the perimeter of an object changes if the whole object is proportionally changed: The perimeter changes by the same factor as the change in proportion of the whole object. For example: given a square that is 2 units by 2 units, changed by a factor of four, the new size would be 8 units by 8 units. The original perimeter was 2+2+2+2=8. The new perimeter is 8+8+8+8=32. So, multiplying the original perimeter, 8, by the factor of proportional change, 4, we get 8x4=32. For any object, multiply the original perimeter by the factor of proportional change to arrive at the new perimeter.

If a rectangular dimensions ge multiplied by 4 what does the perimeter get multiplied by?

The perimeter correspondingly increases by a factor of 4.

How is the perimeter and the size change factor related?

If you change the scale factor of a geometric figure by a factor "x", that is, keeping the new figure similar to the old one, the perimeter (which is also a linear measurement) will change by the SAME factor "x".Note that any area will change by a factor of x squared.

When the sides of a polygon are tripled in length the perimeter increases by a factor of and the area increases by a factor of?

Perimeter is proportional to the linear dimensions, so it increases by 3x .Area is proportional to (linear dimensions)2, so it increases by 9x .

A rectangle has a perimeter of 44 the dimensions of the rectangle are scaled by a factor of 1.5 so what will be the perimeter of the resulting figure?

44 x 1.5 = 66.

When both dimensions of a figure are changed using the same scale factor is the change proportional or non proportional?

If it is a 2-dimensional figure then it is proportional.

What happens to surface area when dimensions are changed by a scale factor?

The area changes by the square of the same factor.

If the dimensions of a figure are increased by a factor of 7 By what factor does the volume change?

if all 3 dimensions increase b factor of 7 then volume changes by 7 cubed or a factor of 343

How does scale factor relate to perimeter?

Scale factor and perimeter are related because if the scale factor is 2, then the perimeter will be doubled. So whatever the scale factor is, that is how many times the perimeter will be enlarged.

In a scientific a is any factor that can change or be changed?


In a experiment a is any factor that can change or be changed?


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