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i dont know 8x+5y=89

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Q: How does the slope of a linear equation differ from the slope of a quadratic equation?
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How do you identify a slope given in a linear equation?

To identify the slope in a linear equation, rearrange the equation into the form y = mx + b. The term m is the slope.

How do you graph a linear equation slope intercept?

You can graph a linear equation slope intercept by solving the equation and plugging in the numbers : y=mx+b

What is a linear equation with a undefined slope?

A linear equation with an undefined slope is an equation where, when graphed, forms a vertical line. For example: when given 2 points: (2, 4) (2,7) ~ The x-values are the same, while the y-values differ, which would create a vertical line when the points are graphed

What is an example of a linear equation?

The slope-intercept form of a linear equation is y = mx + b where m = slope and b = the y-intercept.

What do a linear equation look like?

A linear equation looks like a straight line, it sometimes does slope, but it is straight.

How does a quadratic model differ from linear model?

LinearIn a linear model, the plotted data follows a straight line. Every data point may not fall on the line, but a line best approximates the overall shape of the data. You can describe every linear model with an equation of the following form:y = mx + bIn this equation, the letter "m" describes the angle, or "slope," of the line. The "x" describes any chosen value on the horizontal axis, while the "y" describes the number on the vertical axis that corresponds to the chosen "x" value.QuadraticIn a quadratic model, the data best fits a different type of curve that mathematicians call quadratic. Quadratic models have a curved shape that resembles the letter "u." You can describe all quadratic models with an equation of the form:Y = ax^2 + bx + cAs with linear models, the "x" corresponds to a chosen value on the horizontal axis and "y" gives the correlating value on the vertical axis. The letters "a," "b" and "c" represent any number, i.e., they will vary from equation to equation

Is y equals 5 a linear equation?

Yes, the equation has a slope of 0.

What does slope transport means?

Slope is the ratio of the rise over the run of a linear equation

What is y=4x-3 in Linear Equation?

y = 4x-3 is already a linear equation. The slope is 4 and the y-intercept is -3

How do you get a linear equation from a graph?

Slope= rise over run

What is the slope of the equation y equals 12x-23?


Whats the equation for slope?

If the algebraic equation is linear, in the form y = mx + b, the slope is simply m; the difference in y of any 2 points divided by the difference in x of those points (rise over run). If the equation is non-linear, the slope is the first derivative of that equation, from calculus. You woul need to know calculus to solve in this case. The slope will vary from point to point, unlike the linear case, where slope is constant.