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Q: How education can solve urbanisation?
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What is counter-urbanisation?


What was a common impact of industrialization in all societies?

Pollution, urbanisation, population growth in urban centres, more formal education.

Can education solve most of the problem?


What do you maean by urbanisation?

Urbanisation is the increase of the proportion of people living in urban areas (towns and cities).

Urbanisation and its impact?

Urbanisation is nothing but a large amount of people transfers to big cities from rural area

How do you solve problems in education?

this is a broad question. so i will give a broad answer. education is the acquisition of knowledge. to solve problems you must use your critical thinking skills. to enhance these skills keep practicing and solve more problems. eventually you will have a critical style of thinking and can solve many problems that arise in education.

How can the Caribbean community solve overpopulation?


What does urbanization rate mean?

Urbanisation rate means the percent of a population living in an urban area, and the rate at which the urbanisation increases over time.

What are the advantages of urbanisation?

for the development of our country india,there must be the development of there the need of urbanisation is will also provide many job oppurtunities for the people.

Where does urbanisation take place Australia?

khane nanet

What does urbanization level mean?

The level of urbanisation in a city.

Can education solve all social problems explain?

No. It may help some people be some better off, but education cannot prevent poverty or inequality or war or global warming.