How far can a flak 88 fire?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How far can a flak 88 fire?
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What does flak jacket pro do in black ops?

Flak jacket pro will protect you from explosions and Fire!

A sentence using blasts and openings?

Flak 88 blasts tore multiple openings in the fuselage.

What are the Names of parts on a German World War 2 tank?

On some of the Tiger Tanks, they'll carry a 88 Flak Gun.

What does the German acronym FLAK stand for?

The German acronym FLAK stands for Flugzeug Abwehr Kanone in German which means antiaircraft fire. The term was used during World War II by the Luftwaffe.

What is a flak and how is it used?

For some reason the word flak was used during WWII as the name for the exploding shells fired from anti-aircraft guns. Catching some flak meant literally being under fire. Bullet proof vests are/were sometimes referred to as flak jackets, as similar types of equipment were once used to protect people from the fragments from the AA shells.

Which commonly used word was the German acronym for anti-aircraft fire in World War 2?


What were the three most powerful weapons in World War 2?

Hmmm. The atomic bomb, the German 88 flak gun, and the tiger tank.

Why was the flak 88 so famous?

The Flak 88 was famous for its versatility and effectiveness. It was originally designed as an anti-aircraft gun but proved highly effective against ground targets as well, particularly against tanks. Its high muzzle velocity and accuracy made it a feared weapon on the battlefield during World War II.

When did Flak Magazine end?

Flak Magazine ended in 2008.

When was Flak Magazine created?

Flak Magazine was created in 1998.

What is the duration of Taking the Flak?

The duration of Taking the Flak is 3600.0 seconds.

How far is 88 meters?

88 meters equates to about 290 feet.