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77 miles.

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Q: How far can you travel in 1 hour 24 minutes at 55mph?
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How far does a horse travel if it gallops at 25 kilometers per hour for 30 minutes?

If a horse travels at 25 kilometers per hour for a half hour (30 minutes), it will travel 12.5 kilometers.

How far will you travel going 48 miles per hour for twenty minutes?

You will travel 16 miles.

If you were driving at 55mph .how far will you travel in 5 hours?

275 miles.

How far would you travel in four minutes at 500 miles per hour?

You would travel 33.3 miles every four minutes.

How far is to drive from Duluth Georgia to Hampton Georgia?

If you travel by car on I-85 S it's about an hour and 13 minutes. On I- 285E it's about an hour an 14 minutes. If you travel on Tara Blvd, it's about an hour and 17 minutes drive.

How far could you travel in 22 minutes if you were traveling at 65 miles per hour?

22 minutes * (1 hour / 60 minutes) * (65 miles / 1 hour) = 23.833 miles.

How far is 13miles in minutes?

It is 26 minutes at 30 miles per hour to travel 13 miles in a car..

If a deer can travel 12 mi per hour how far can a deer travel in 15 minutes?

Three miles.

A car goes 66 mph how far will it travel in 1 hour and 20 minutes?

It will travel 88 miles.

How far do you travel at 55 miles per hour for 24 minutes?

24 minutes = 0.4 hour0.4 x 55 = 22 miles

How far do you travel at 65 miles per hour for 25 minutes?

27.08333 miles

How far do you travel in 23 minutes at 50 miles per hour?

19.16666666 mph

If the average speed of a car is 45kilometers per hourhr how far can it travel in 40 minutes?

It can travel 45km in one hour, and 40 minutes is 2/3 of an hour, so it can travel 2/3 of 45km, which is 30km.

How far will a car travel at the constant speed of 55mph for 4 hours?

220 miles

How far will a car travel in 80 minutes at 28mph?

A car travelling at a consistent 28 miles per hour for 80 minutes will travel ( 37.333328 miles )

If you travel at 60 kilometers per hour how far would you travel in 3 hours 15 minutes?

3 hours 15 minutes is 3.25 hours. So, if you travel at 60 kilometres per hour, you will travel 60 x 3.25 = 195 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes.

How far at 6.5 miles an hour in 5 minutes?

If you travel at 6.5 mph for 5 minutes you will cover about 1/2 mile.

If you travel 60 miles per hour for 20 minutes how far have you travelled?

You would travel 3 miles.

How far does light travel one hour miles?

How far does light travel in one hour

If you are traveling 55 mile per hour how far can you travel in twenty minutes?

55/3 miles

How far will you go if you travel 26 miles per hour per 45 minutes?

19.5 miles

How far can l travel in 1 hour and 25 minutes?

That depends entirely - on what speed you're travelling at !

How far would you travel if you drove 15 minutes at 128 mph?

Well, if you drove for 60 minutes (one hour) at that speed, you would travel 128 miles. But you only traveled for 15 minutes- one fourth of an hour. Divide 128 by 4, and that is your answer.

A car travels at 40kmph how far does it travel in 45 minutes?

A car travels 50 km in 40 minutes how many km dose the car travel in 20 min

How far is Manjimup to Walpole?

From Manjimup to Walpole is a distance of 118km, and would take about an hour and twenty minutes to travel.