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2500 metres = 1.55 miles (approx).

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Q: How far have you swam in miles if you have swam 2500m?
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Related questions

How far can a polar bear swim without stopping?

Sixty miles can be swam, but there is an unofficial record of a male bear that swam nearly 90 miles.

What is the equivalent of 2.5 km?

2500m or 1.55 miles.

How far have you swam 50 lengths of a 25 meter pool in miles?

almost 0.8 miles 1250M = 1.25km, 1.25 x .62 miles/km= 0.775 miles

What is 2500m equal in km?

2500m is 2.5km

How far did david walliams swim across the channel?

david walliams swam 140 miles of the thames in only eight days!

If you swam thirtysix widths of an olympic swimming pool how many miles will you have swam?

1/2 mile

You swam a mile how far did you swim?

a mile

How far would you swim if you swam 32 lengths of shipley baths?

you would have swam 875 meters if you did 32 lenths at shipley pool

How far have I swam in a 25 meter pool if I swim 72 lengths?

72 lengths x 25 meters = 1800 meters = 1.8 kilometers = about 1.12 miles

For exercise you decide to walk around the block How far do you walk if the block is 750m long and 500m wide?

You would have walked 2500m..

Longest distance swam?

3736 Nautical miles

Swam 4000 meters how far?

4000 Laps

How far has man ever swam into the ocean without a machine?

The English Channel has been swum many times. It is 22 miles at narrowest. I think I have heard of longer swims - perhaps as long as 100 miles, no details...

How many lengths in a pool is equal to 2.5km?

2.5km = 2500m 2500m / 25m ('standard' pool length) = 100 lengths

Has anyone ever swam across the Bering Strait?

No, but Lynne cox swam 2 miles to the diolomede (sorry if i spelled that wrong) islands.

Has anyone ever swam from England to Africa?

No one has swam from England to Africa; anyone who tried to swim that far would succumb to exhaustion and drown.

How many miles per hour does Michael Phelps swim?

M. Phelps swam the 200 meter freestyle on August 12th 2008 and won while breaking the world record. He swam an equivilant of 4.35 miles per hour!

What president ran 3 to 4 miles and swam every day?


How far down do penguins swim?

The lowest one has ever swam is 20 ft.

How far have I swam in a 33.3 meter pool if you swim 40 lengths?

1332 Meters

Has swam or has swum?

Has swam. Swam is the past tense of swim.

Anna and she swam or Anna and her swam in the pool?

Anna and she swam in the pool. It is easy to remember when you can state the sentence as: Anna swam in the pool. She swam in the pool (not: Her swam in the pool), so combined they would be Anna and she swam in the pool.

What is the altitude limit for mosquitoes in the tropics?

above 2500m

2500m equal how many km?

2.5 km

How far have you swam in a 25 meter pool if you swim 35 laps?

25meters times 35