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Q: How far is -11 from zero on the number line?
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How far is -11 from zero on a number line?

-11 is 11 units away from zero on a number line.

Distance between number 20 and -11?


What is the warmer temperature in -25 and -14 degrees?


How far apart are -5 and 6 on a number line?

A number line spans in both directions starting from 0, therefore you have to add both negative and positive numbers. 5+6 = 11 They are 11 apart

What is the absolute value of 11?

Think of the absolute value of a number as it's distance from the origin or zero point on the number line. Since it is a distance it is always going to be positive. The absolute value of -11 is then 11.Absolute value of -11 is 11.

Irrational number between 11 and 12 on a number line?

the number between 11 and 12 is obvious. it is 11 and a half

Is 8 the difference between -5 and 3?

Yes, the distance between -5 and 3 on a number line is 8. (The distance from -5 to zero is 5, which is the absolute value).

what is the smallest 2 digit number without a zero?

How about 1.1 or 11

What is the smallest 2-digit number without a zero?

How about 1.1 or 11

What comes after 1.0?

What comes after one. Zero on a number line

What is multiples of 11 that are greater than zero?

ALL positive multiples of 11 are greater than zero. There are an infinite numberof them. The smallest five are 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55.To generate more of them on your own, follow this procedure:-- Pick any whole number.-- Multiply your number by 11.-- You now have a multiple of 11 that's greater than zero.

What is the probability that the number 11 is even?

In base ten, and with no whacky assumptions, the probability that 11 is even is zero.