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The center of the main circuit breaker cannot be any higher than 6.5 feet above the floor.

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Q: How far off the floor do you put a breaker box?
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How high a breaker box have to be off the floor?

The top of the breaker box cannot be more than 6 ft 7 in off the floor. No defining height is mandated from floor to panel box base. Defer to common sense when placing the panel box. Make it easy to see and read the top circuit breaker and location identifications of the remaining breakers.

Is there a main breaker in side the breaker box?

Yes there is one breaker that can shut the whole house off. it's usually at the top of the box

Can breakers be cut off and the breaker box locked?


What can we do if our Curcuit breaker tripped on the heater and will not reset?

shut off the power to the box, switch out the breaker and resture the power

What might cause power to go off and on in the second floor when nothing is on but not in the first floor and the breaker is not tripped?

Call an electrician quick- and switch off the breaker for that circuit. It sounds as if there is a loose connection somewhere, and possible fire hazard.

Will turning off the main breaker turn off all the power to the circuit breaker box?

No. Power to all the circuit breakers will be cut off except for the Main power breaker. The Main power breaker (which supplies power to all other breakers and will say 100, or whatever your max breaker box power is, on it )will have power going to it all the time, unless power is turned off outside the house.

Is a breaker box in closet ok?

Yes, you can install it in a closet as long as there is nothing obstructing the box or nothing has to be moved to get to the box. You must also have 3 feet of clearance around the box and the door must be able to be opened 90 degrees. You cannot install it in a closet located in a bathroom. The top of the box can be no higher than 6' off the floor or less than 4' off the floor. Ceiling must be at least 6' tall.

Why won't the switch on my breaker box stay on?

The electrical system could have a short. Turn off every breaker then turn the switch on. If the switch still turns off then either the box has an electrical problem or the switch is bad.

Can you install a 220 breaker without turning off the power to the breaker box?

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Why is the main breaker box turning off?

There are two possibilities:The house is pulling more current (amps) than the rating of the breaker.The breaker has failed and should be replaced.That's the only reason a main breaker would shut off.

How far off the floor should cleaned and sanitized utensils be stored on kitchen shelving?

six inches off the floor

How far off the floor does food need to be stored?


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