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you would be running 120mph

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Q: How fast are you running if you do 1 mile in 2 minutes?
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How long do you have to run to equal 1 mile?

It depends how fast your running, If you can run as fast as I do, then you can make it in four minutes.

How long would it to run 1 mile?

It depends on how fast you are running. If you are going at a steady jog then around 12- 14 minutes, but if you are running quite fast then it can take around 6 -7 minutes.

If a runner runs a mile in 3 minutes how fast were they running in MPH?

There are 60 minutes in one hour. That 60 is the same as 20 groups of 3 minutes. If each group of 3 minutes represents 1 mile, then there are 20 miles in that hour.

How long does it take to run 1 mile running in place?

depends on how fast you're runing about 70-90cm/step

Running 1 mile in 3 minutes 53.43 seconds. How fast was this in feet per second?

1 mile = 5,280 feetJust divide 5280 to 233.43seconds (3min 53.43s)Answer: 22.619 ft/s

How fast do you have to run to go a mile in eight minutes?

1 mile in 8 minutes = 7.5 miles in 60 minutes ie 7.5 mph

How fast do you have to go to travel 1 mile in 3 minutes?

The speed is 20 mph. 1 mile/3 minutes = 1/3 mile per minute (x 60 minutes/hour) = 20 miles/hour

How fast am I going if I travel 1 mile in 3 minutes?

twenty miles per hour 3 minutes = 1 mile 6 minutes = 2 miles 60 minutes = 20 miles

What is a good 1.5 mile time for a thirteen year old boy your best is 9 minutes and 20 seconds?

It depends how fast your 1 mile time is, if you're running 6 minute miles i would say, anything under 9 minutes

Is 1 mile in 15 minutes good?

No not at all if you're running. I am 12 and I run a mile in 7:05.

How fast to run a 6 minute mile?

1 mile/6 minutes x (60 minutes/hour) = 10 miles per hour

If you walk 1 mile in 13 minutes how fast do have to walk?

To acheive a time of 13 minutes in one mile you have to walk at least 4.62 mph.