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This question cannot be answered with this information. There are too many variables like gear ratios, weight of the vehicle, etc. 5hp push lawn mower = 0mph. 5hp go gart = what, maybe 30mph 5hp engine in my car = not very fast!

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Q: How fast can a 1 horsepower motor go in mph?
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How fast in mph does a 6 hp go kart motor go?

50 mph

How fast can a 250 horsepower boat motor go?


How fast can a 8 horsepower boat motor go?


How fast does a 3.3 horse power outboard motor go?

What mph compare to a 3.3 horse power outboard motor

How fast does a 127cc motor go?

ask your mom how fast she banged me that's the answer!!

How fast does a 3 hp motor go?

A 3HP motor can reach speeds up to at least 30 mph depending on what you are using it for.

How fast do the go-kart go?

anywhere from 35 mph to 110 depending on the gear ratio and the horsepower and the max rpm of the engine

How fast can a 200cc ATV go?

about 60-75 mph depends on the company and how the gears are set my friend ran nitro and got 50 horse power and 125 mph on 200cc atv i lied my Roketa RK 200cc 56WS Atv can Go top speed of 60 Mph on 16.3 Horsepower motor 197cc displacement but that is very fast so i love it my friend blowed up his on nitro

How fast can a 2.5 horsepower boat motor go?

This all depends on the boat in which it goes. A 25 HP outboard motor, on a 14' aluminum runabout can cruise at 20-25 mph. Now, if you were to install hydrofoils (do a Google search) to the bow and transom area of the same boat, you could go upwards of 45 MPH +. Although not very common today, hydrofoils are currently used on Italian, and American navy battleships...crazy fast

How fast does a Tecumseh 10hp motor go in mph?

No way of knowing without much more info.

How fast does a 2.5 hp motor go?

4-5 mph depending on wind, tides etc..

How fast can a car go with 224 horsepower?

about that fast