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The answer depends on if you are better at pace running (distance) or sprinting. For example a friend of mine runs a slower mile, but she is the fastest female sprinter in our class.

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Q: How fast can you run a 40 yard dash if you run a 5 minute 30 second mile?
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How fast is 8 minute mile?

An eight minute mile is 660 feet a second.

Is a seven minute fifty one second mile and a half fast?


How fast are you running to do a 7 minute 30 second mile?

8 mph

How fast in mph is a 545 mile?

A 5 minute 45 second mile equates to a pace of 10.4347 mph

How fast do you have to drive to a mile per minute exactly?

One mile per minute = 60 miles per hour = 88 ft per second

How fast can a kid run a half of a mile?

It depends on how fast the kid naturally runs. If they run really fast, it might be a 60 second half mile. If they run slow, it might be a 2-3 minute mile

Is a 6 minute mile fast for an average runner?

A 6-minute mile is fast and long for an average American human being.

How fast do you have to run to do a 9 minute mile?

Pretty fast.

How fast do you have to run to get a 4.24 mile?

You have to maintain an average speed of 13.64 mph to achieve a 4 minute 24 second-mile time.

How fast does a person run a quarter of a mile?

fastest 4 minute mile approx. 1 minute

Driving a Pontiac g6 with a 4-cylinder how fast is a mile a minute?

"A mile a minute" is exactly the same as "60 miles an hour" and "88 feet per second", no matter how you're doing it, or in what.

How fast is 65 mile per hour?

More than a mile a minute.

Which is faster a mile a minute or 20 meters per second?

One mile per minute is faster.

How fast is a 7 minute mile?

12+ minute mile- low fitness 11 minute mile- below average fitness 10 minute mile-average fitness 9 minute mile- decent fitness 8 minute mile- commendable fitness 7 minute mile- exceptional fitness 6 minute mile- "Athlete Level" fitness 5 minute mile- "Super Athlete Level" Fitness <4 minute mile: WOW

How fast in kilometers would you have to run to do a 4 minute mile?

24.14 km per hour for a 4-minute mile.

How fast do you have to drive to make a mile a minute?

60 miles per hour is exactly one mile per minute.

Which is faster a mile a minute or 30 meters per second?

30 meters per second is faster than 1 mile per minute. 30 meters per second is about 67.1 mph. A mile per minute is 60 mph.

How fast does ricky Adams run?

109 MPH and a :15 second mile he also runs a .004 40 yard dash

What pace is a 3 minute 43.13 second mile?

A 3-minute 43.13 second mile equates to a pace of 16.13 miles per hour.

How fast do you have to run to get a 6 minute mile?

10 mph

How fast to run a 4 minute mile?


How fast can an English bull terrier run?

a mile a minute

What does the idiom talk a mile in a minute mean?

To talk fast.

How fast in mph is a 5 minute mile?

it is 50 mph

How fast is one mile per second?

60 sec = 1 minute 60 min = 1 hour 3600 sec = 1 hour one mile/sec = 3600 mph - pretty fast!